Throughout this deck of cards, I wanted to honour inspiring activist that have been the driving change behind the different social justice movements. Activism is about more than just policy or action, but being an activist also leaves a lasting legacy that can be reflected on for generations to come. Just as a deck of cards is a keepsake, a piece of print design that stays with a person or family over a longer period of time, the impact of the featured activists have transcended long past their own lifetimes.
Common Back Design Ask: To create a vector design or illustration to be placed on the back of each playing card normally referred to as the ‘Common Back’ which clearly supports the card theme.
Ace of Spades Ask: To create a card design that supports the overall deck theme and follows the direction and specifications supplied for printing.
King Ask : To create a King face card that appear sas the most important card in the deck. He is to be obviously a male character of supreme importance.
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