The Ask: Hole in One is a donut cafe that is looking to have a new app where customers can order online. They would like customers create an account on their mobile app so they can gather data.
Required Pages: 
- A startup screen with the name of the company with possible login/signup buttons
- Actual login/signup screen(s) with appropriate interface designed
- A way for customers to sign up with email or with a social media account or to sign in to their account
- They’d like a ‘Forgot password’ link and screens that allow them to change or update their password
- Once they’ve signed up or signed in, they’d like to see a screen that asks them to add more information about themselves for a My Account screen including adding a profile picture and some basic demographic information
- They’d like to entice the customer to create this profile by offering them an incentive. They don’t know what to offer yet so they’d like you to propose something
- They’d like a mechanism that send an email or a code to a phone number they’ve provided that confirms their account
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